Do you need much time to complete my order?

Usually not. The time is different depending on the kind of the order, but typically likes and followers arrive during two days, comments need a bit more time.

What is my picture URL?

Search through Instagram by your username/picture and you will see it. Just copy it and enter into our application form.

Can you complete the order with my account on “private”?

No, we cannot. So please make it public for us to work properly. This is the part of the services agreement.

Do you need any private data, or should I follow someone in exchange?

No and no. Neither password revealing, nor following in exchange.

Do you provide active followers?

Yes, we work with real active people only, but we cannot guarantee that they all will be active.

What are the ways to contact you?

The most convenient way is to use online chat (see below). Or email through the special form, on the contact page.

I have serious problems because after three days there are no changes to my account? What do I do next?

Check if your account is public first. Next, let us know and we will fix the problem.

Do you cater for special orders?

Yes, we do, but we have to discuss it first. Please contact us.

Is PayPal the only way to pay for your services?

Currently yes, it is the only one. But soon we also plan to add Google checkout option.

Do you represent Instagram or other network as an affiliate?

No, we are the independent brand and work separately. We own copyright for everything we offer or do.